JOSE BRECHNER using money from the State as their own, no progre remains subdued in his millionaire ostentation against their peers. Rodriguez Zapatero bought a Falcon 900 and same thing his Bolivian counterpart Evo Morales did. Even in that vulgar little presumptuous bourgeois detail they act similarly. Obviously the Executive Jet that costs $ 40 million, was also acquired by Hugo Chavez, the man of the great continental ideas, champion of socialism of the crooks. Or better said, socialism, which came out of the closet to show their farcical side of frugality and equality. The cost of operation of the new toy of the Bolivian Inca who jumped from the bicycle to jet, is 102 dollars the minute. A five-hour trip costs the modest sum of $30,600, without taking into account the mechanical airport, on board, personal on the ground staff, expenses, maintenance, hangar, security, etc. The farmer gives tastes than any Bolivian President, realized ever.

When the former President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, using his small plane for official travel, private loaded his ship’s fuel and the Bill passed to the State, was so harshly criticized that almost costs him the Presidency. But coca mafia Chief Executive since before airplanes that use power, with money that has never revealed where pulled him out, isn’t reason for questioning. The bonanza in Bolivia is astounding. While traffickers work with impunity, rulers plunder to taste of the coffers of the nationalized companies filled with money. They have the advantage that the raw materials are in demand. Liberals are experiencing the same fate as the military in the 1970s rulers had when petrodollars poured. Banks did not know where to put the silver Arabic and lent it to Latin American regimes at low cost.

With pockets full, nobody wanted to change dictatorship for democracy. But the military fell and history repeats. As said King Solomon in Ecclesiastes: vanity of vanities, all is vanity. () What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done. And there is nothing new under the Sun. The eccentric tastes of the humble peasant, whose unique personal evolution product of his friction with personalities, has been the learn to bathe daily merit olfatoriamente laudable have increased with unrestricted power. Their expensive costumes, costume faux Mao and some Asian clothing, which have nothing to do with the originating in Andean ponchos, undoubtedly distinguishes it among the public. But as it stood out in the past with his sweater for $10. The saying of the monkey dressed in silk could not fit him better. Its raison d ‘ etre is still football, reason by which prepared an official Commission to attend the World Cup in South Africa, although Bolivia is not classified. The journey of emergency seems to have been the trigger that unleashed the greed by the Falcon. The passion for the ball is irresistible to the reactionary socialist homophobic, that could not contain their ardor to see her bounce on the courts of Johannesburg. In the past, a trip by equal momentum of any other President, would have been cause for marches and demonstrations organized by the same moral. The hypocritical dictator has big mouth to criticize anyone, but few dare to supervise its expenses. It is not for less, which does not flatter him at risk of losing their property or their lives.